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Babynow Teether Ball Pacifier [2 Pack]

Babynow Teether Ball Pacifier [2 Pack]

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Teething is a Stressful Time!

Every Mom knows that teething can be a stressful time for Babies. The arrival of new teeth can lower mood and lead to gum pain. Your baby can become irritable coping with swelling and drooling as teeth emerge.

Our teether ball pacifier will comfort and restore mood with play, touch + sound. Our unique Teether design - with a brass music bell inside - will help your baby to cope with teething like a Boss!

  • Soothe + Massage Baby Gums 
  • Reduce Pain + Boost Mood 
  • Stimulate Sensory Touch + Play 
  • Develop Motor Skills + Vision with Colours
  • The Music Bell will Captivate & Chime 
  • Promote sleep and activity 
  • All round Baby Comforter and Pacifier  


Product Details 

  • Multi-colored Silicone Teether Toy 
  • Unique Ball Design - with Brass Bell Inside 
  • Textured Rubber Nipples to Bit and Chew
  • Bright Colours + Textures to Stimulate 
  • Handheld Size for Play and Feel 
  • Perfect for Travel, Baby Buggy, Baby Cot
  • Food Grade Silicone: 100% BPA Free 
  • Safe and Swallow Proof 
  • 3.6" Size Diameter - 2 Pack 

Unique Design - Music Bell 

Our teether ball is very unique as it has a "brass bell" inside. This is guaranteed to captivate your baby's imagination. Each chime of the bell will cast a happy spell over them and make them forget about teething gums. This super cool teether is the all-in-one Baby Pacifier and Comforter 

Celebrity Fans

⭐ Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco ⭐ Vogue Williams ⭐ Sophie Ellis Bexter ⭐ The Style Fairy Naomi Clarke ⭐ Princess Al- Thani Qatar The S-Mum Blog 

Teething Related Phrases 

Baby teethers have several synonyms such as Baby Comforter, Baby Soother, Dummie, Pacifier, Dummy, Chew Toy, Pacifier, Rattle, and Comforter. Our Teether ball covers all of the above as the all-in-one Pacifier.

Shipping + Delivery

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    Product Info:

    ✅ Designed in Ireland 

    ✅ Certifed for CE / CPSIA / FDA

    Safety and After Care:

    ✅ Handwash and Air Dry 

    ✅ Dishwasher Safe [Top Shelf ]


    Ships from Babynow directly to you. Allow 5 to 7 Days for delivery within Europe + North America. Contact us [link it] for bulk wholesale delivery to your country. 

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