SMART Body Temperature Monitor [Alarm for Children ] With Wireless Sensor Armband

☑ MONITORS 24 HOURS A DAY – You can feel safe that your child is OK, with 24 hour monitoring that  ALERTS YOU if your child’s temperature changes drastically

☑ ALERTS YOU WHEN THEIR TEMPERATURE GOES TO HIGH, OR TOO LOW – Sleep well knowing that, if your child gets a fever, their fever spikes, or their temperature drops too low, the Wireless Body-Temperature & Alarm will let you know right away, alerting you day or night to take care of them!

☑ COMFORTABLE, ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL WIRELESS SENSOR – Made to go over the arm and under the armpit, the WIRELESS SENSOR is comfortable to wear, stays in place, and sends alerts to the Wireless Monitor 24 hours a day at regular intervals

☑ RANGE OF 20 METERS. Unless you live in a mansion, the Monitor and Armband will always be in communication, with a working range of 20 meters

☑ EASY TO SET-UP. In just 3 short steps your Wireless Monitor and Armband will be ready to use, providing 24 hour monitoring and alerts, keeping your child safe and making your life less stressful


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