Babynow Easy Clean Nasal Aspirator [2 Pack]

☑ EASY TO USE – You use your own breath to operate the device so there’s no chance of harming your child, and it’s designed so there is no transfer of germs to the operator.

☑ EASY TO CLEAN – Disassembles easily and completely so that it can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with no filters to keep buying.

☑ SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD – The safest way to clear mucous from your infant’s or toddler’s nose; no more nasty saline nasal sprays!

☑ HOSPITAL GRADE DEVICE – Non-invasive, BPA and Phthalate Free; completely safe for your infant.

☑ CONVENIENT 2 PACK – Doctors recommend new moms always have a nasal aspirator on hand. The Babynow Nasal Aspirator 2 pack ensures you’ll have one around when you need it!