Newborn Outside

When Is It OK To Take Your Newborn Outside?

When can I take my Newborn Outside?

Newborn Outside

You have a newborn baby and naturally you want the whole world to know about it. At the same time you are worried about taking your newborn outside and you need to know the answer to the question “when can a newborn go out?” Many new parents worry about this, so this article will set your mind at rest on the issue.

The honest answer to this question is anytime. In the past newborn babies were thought to be too delicate and fragile to take out in public, so previous generations would keep their babies locked indoors for a number of weeks or even months.

But there is no reason for you to do this as long as you take the precautions that you will find below. Introducing your baby to fresh air and the world outside is a good thing to do. Having said that you need to avoid crowds as much as possible since this can cause your baby stress and increase the chances of them coming into contact with a sick person.

The Risks of Going Out with a Newborn

The main risk here is that your baby could come into contact with a person that is sick and contract their germs. When your baby is first born their immune systems are very weak. They are vulnerable to lots of different germs so you need to take extra care.

Taking Newborn OutsideIt is unlikely that a sick adult will be irresponsible enough to touch your newborn but you never know. Children will not have the same responsible attitude and they will see nothing wrong with touching your baby’s nose and mouth. Then there are unavoidable risks such as a sick person coughing or sneezing.

If you know that a relative has a sick child then don’t visit them until the child has recovered. Handle this tactfully and the parents will understand this as they have had newborns themselves. If anyone that you know is sick and invites you over with your newborn then you must politely refuse.

There should be minimal risk with taking a walk around the park or the block. Close contact with people is unlikely in these situations. Avoid taking your newborn baby on airplanes as the likelihood of sick people being on the plane is much higher.

The bottom line is avoiding closed spaces when taking your newborn out in public. We have already discussed airplanes as a closed space to avoid, but there are also places such as kid’s museums and busy cafes to avoid. The more wide open and airy a place the better it will be for taking your newborn outside.

Benefits of taking your Newborn Outside

Don’t be too cautious when it comes to taking a newborn out. Your baby will benefit from the vitamin D source that the sun provides. A general concern exists about babies getting sufficient vitamin D because it is very important for growth and bone structure. This is why we would always recommend breastfeeding your baby.

Taking a newborn out doesn’t just benefit baby. Mom or dad (or both) will benefit from the fresh air and the sun on their skin. Walking your baby is also great exercise, and if you are a stay at home mom or dad it will provide you with the opportunity to reconnect with the world.

Follow these Precautions when taking your Baby Outside

  • Only take your newborn out when they are feeling happy. If your baby is sleepy or unwell then don’t take them out in public. Feed your baby and then change their diaper before you leave home.
  • Watch out for temperature extremes. If it is really hot or really cold then keep your newborn at home. If you plan to go out for more than a few minutes make sure you have all that you need including diapers.
  • Make sure you dress your newborn accordingly. If it’s cold then cover hands and feet. In warm conditions dress your newborn in lighter clothes. If it is really sunny then stay in the shade some of the time.
  • Keep away from crowds at all times. If you live in a big city then this can be a challenge but get good at it! Avoid taking your newborn to shopping malls and other closed areas that are always busy. People avoidance is the important thing here.
  • Avoid contact with sick people! Don’t go to parties where you know there is a chance of a sick child being there. If a family get together is on the horizon then check that nobody is sick before taking your baby.
  • It is natural for other people to want to touch your newborn. They don’t mean any harm by this but politely tell them not to touch. This is especially important around strangers. Only the immediate family should be touching a newborn baby.
  • Keep yourself sanitized when you come into contact with others. If someone with germs touches you and then you touch your newborn you can pass on these germs. Carry a hand sanitizer around with you when you take your newborn out in public.

All of your Baby Questions Answered

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