Baby Bottle Feeding

Baby Bottles And How To Bottle Feed Your Baby

Baby Bottle FeedingThere may be numerous reasons why you cannot breastfeed your baby. Maybe you have tried to do this and it has been unsuccessful. Or you may be a mom with a full time job and using a baby bottle to feed your baby is the only answer. Whatever the reason do not feel bad about this. Just follow the advice in this article and everything will be fine.

Some mothers just can’t produce enough milk from their breasts to feed their baby. If you are one of these mom’s then you should never be ashamed of this. You can use baby bottles to ensure that your baby gets all of the nourishment that they need to develop and grow. Bottle feeding a baby is not difficult but you will need the right equipment and use the right techniques.

Unless you are on a really tight budget avoid buying cheap baby bottles. You will find many bottles for babies available and you should be prepared to invest in quality. Newborn baby bottles are available in numerous stores and online too. You don’t have to go for the best glass baby bottles as there are superior plastic equivalents available.

Feeding Baby Properly Requires the right Equipment

You will need to acquire several pieces of equipment to successfully feed your baby. Look for the well known baby bottle brands such as Avent baby bottles. You will also need to buy baby bottle nipples as well as a bottle brush and a baby bottle sterilizer. You must keep all of the equipment scrupulously clean all of the time.

With a big choice of baby bottles and nipples you need to choose wisely. If your baby is very young then look for the best newborn bottles.  Also with a newborn go for a nipple that has the slowest flow. You may have to try a number of different nipples with your baby until you find the one that works. As the baby gets older you can choose a nipple with a faster milk flow.

Formula Milk for Babies

After you have chosen the best baby bottle and other equipment it will be time to choose the right formula. With formula feeding it is always best to choose one type and stick with it unless your baby experiences complications with it.

If your baby was hospital born and the staff there provided milk formula and there were no problems such as constipation, spit up, fussiness or gas then you can continue to use this formula. If you are unsure about formula milk for a newborn or have some other issue then discuss this with your pediatrician who will help you to make the right choice.

Getting the Formula Ready

When you buy formula there will be specific instructions on the side of the can which you will need to follow. You can give the formula to your baby at room temperature and there is no requirement to heat the milk up unless your baby prefers this.

Some babies will prefer their formula milk to be a little warm, so if you want to do this you can stand the baby bottle in boiling water for a short period of time or use a baby bottle warmer. After heating be sure to shake the baby bottle fully as this ensures there will be no hot spots.

Don’t ever use a microwave oven to heat a baby bottle with formula. It is likely that the microwave will create a number of hot spots in the formula and this will result in your baby burning their mouth. Put a little of the formula on the inside of your wrist to test the temperature before you give it to baby. Cool the bottle with cold running water or a baby bottle cooler if it is too hot.

Time to Feed the Baby

Feeding With A Baby BottleWhen you breast feed your baby you will experience joy from the cuddling and closeness. There is no reason that you should miss out on this experience when feeding with a baby bottle. Feeding time is bonding time.

It is best to cradle your baby when you are bottle feeding as it will produce the closeness that you want and it is one of the easiest ways to hold your baby. Avoid laying your baby down flat, as there is a chance that the milk will go up their tubes and could cause an infection of the ear.

Dress your baby with a bib so that any “spit ups” can be caught and save their clothes underneath. During your baby feeding burp your child two or three times so that they do not suffer from gas. Just pat your baby on the back until the burp arrives.

Clean Everything Afterwards

The final task is to clean the baby bottle and the nipple using hot soapy water. The bottle brush must clean right inside the baby bottle. If you have a brush with a nipple cleaner too then use this. Your new baby does not have a fully developed immune system yet so clean everything thoroughly.

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